About Us


The Company

Sincere Events is a family run business, founded by Cherag Patel. With years of experience in event production, lighting, decor and design, Cherag created Sincere Events specifically to cater for luxurious events.

It is here at Sincere Events where our passion and enthusiasm for what we do paves the way in us going the extra mile in creating exquisite and luxurious events. We are constantly and consistently pushing the boundaries to create new and innovative designs. We stay current by keeping up with latest trends in colours, weddings and special event decor, as well as bringing to life our own unique and one of a kind decor designs.

The Work

We take pride in what we do because it is a passion for everyone in the team. Each and every member of the team is an expert in this area and consistently delivers the attention and the detail to every event. Our dedication is what drives us to always push further in the creative world of event decorating!

It is our fundamental goal to leave each and every client feeling delighted that they worked with Sincere Events to make their dream event come alive. After all, it is a privilege to be a part of some of the most important moments in our clients’ lives.